Texturing Workflows Explained In Urdu 3D Animation Course Pakistan Part #16


In texturing workflows, you can basically find 4 types of methods, but all the methods have the same basic principles.

One way is to do texture painting by hand, in another way, the artist may work in the picture by drawing or manipulation.

The third method is called texture projection, and the latest method is more commonly used by modern artists, In which artists textures directly on 3D surfaces.

In all these ways, which one is suitable for you, it depends on you, what is your need, and which methods can be easy for you?

For example, the first method, where you can create a texture by hand in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter, is a bit complicated.

And for this you need an experienced artist, as this job is very difficult without an experienced painter or texture artist.

After which the method of photo manipulation comes, and this solution is a bit more easy, as compare to the first one. Because here the artist can resort to reference images as well.

The third method is of texture projection, for which mobile applications are also present today, For example, in the last video, we talked about RealityScan.

This method requires the artist to capture any real life object from every angle, and take pictures of the object from all sides.

And after that you can use any 3D program, to paste these images on the 3D geometry, to create real life textures.

The last method, which is most acceptable nowadays, is to work directly on the 3D object, And you can easily get this facility nowadays in software like Zbrush, Blender and Mudbox.