Basics Of Visual Effects VFX In 3D Animation Urdu Course Pakistan Part #19


The work of a 3D VFX artist is to incorporate various types of effects on any animation, such as dust, fire, smoke, water, hair and fur or explosion effects.

For this purpose, any visual effects artist uses a basic physics simulation system. Every VFT artist is the master of particles, hair and fur, fluid, rigid and soft bodies simulation.

For all these types of effects, you can get a single software nowadays. For example, you can use software such as Blender, Houdini and Cinema4D for Visual Effects.

Well, first of all, if we talk about particles, then you can simulate them inside the software with the help of emitters.

Hair and fur can be used on the second number, that is, you can use hair for the human head, Whereas fur can be used on the 3D models of Animals.

You can use fluids simulation for anything flowing including water, For example, for the formation of lava, fluids simulation is used.

Rigid Bodies Simulation is used when you want to collide two hard surfaced 3D objects, For example, if you collide a ball with a bunch of bricks, then a rigid body is used for it.

If you want to deform any 3D object after the collision, then for that purpose, you can use soft body simulation, For example, if you want to convert 3D Mesh into cloth, then you use soft body.

While using these basic effects, you can enhance your animation with it by including 3D animation.