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Chasm is a new evil character in the Amazing Spider-Man comic series who used to be Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker (Spider-Man). The evil company Beyond Corporation erased Ben's memories and transformed him into Chasm after exposing him to a liquid quantum-shifting polymer. Chasm then decides to work with the Goblin Queen to regain his memories by eating Spider-Man's soul. Chasm has all of Spider-Man's abilities, including wall-crawling, super agility and strength, and a new upgraded spider-sense that can attack threats automatically. In the latest comic, Chasm invades Limbo with a demon army to lure Spider-Man into a fight. The outcome of the fight is still unknown, but Chasm is considered to be superior to Spider-Man as he no longer has any emotions holding him back. If Chasm succeeds in eating Spider-Man's soul, he may regain his original memories, causing him to suffer even more.

Ben Reilly, also known as Chasm, becomes the Goblin King in Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #18. He joins forces with Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen to attack New York City, but Madelyne switches sides and joins the X-Men. Ben's girlfriend Hallows' Eve steals Madelyne's scythe and gives it to Ben, who transforms into a large version of himself with an enhanced costume and wings. He confirms to an army of Limbo demons that he is their new Goblin King. The dawn reveals Ben's final plan and the new demons he helped create and unleash on Spider-Man and the X-Men, changing the city's landscape forever.

In Amazing Spider-Man #18, Ben Reilly and Janine Godbe (now known as Hallow's Eve) continue their journey in Limbo. Janine demonstrates her monstrous powers and transfers the sword used to control Limbo to Ben, who takes the throne. This further portrays Ben as a villain, similar to the demonization that Madelyne Pryor faced in the past.

The psychological impact of being a clone on Ben Reilly

Being a clone has had a significant psychological impact on Ben Reilly. He has struggled with his identity and at times blamed Peter Parker for not returning their shared memories. He has gone through transformations and taken over Limbo in an effort to regain his memories. His actions have led to him being portrayed as a villain and demonized. He has struggled with his mutation as Chasm and has been driven by a desire to recover his lost memories by eating Spider-Man's soul. Despite being a powerful and formidable opponent, being a clone has caused emotional pain and turmoil for Ben.

Other Transformations of Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly has gone through several transformations throughout his comic book history. He started as a clone of Peter Parker (Spider-Man), then became his own person, went on to become the villain Chasm, and even took on the mantle of the Scarlet Spider. Throughout these transformations, Ben struggled with his identity and grappled with being a clone, leading to psychological conflict and inner turmoil.

Abilities and Powers Of Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly has the powers and abilities of Spider-Man, including wall-crawling, super agility and strength, and a spider-sense that detects threats. He has modified his web shooter to shoot webs by turning his wrist instead of using two fingers. He was transformed into Chasm after being exposed to quantum-shifting polymer, which also mutated his spider-sense, giving it the ability to attack automatically without him being aware of the threat. Chasm is more powerful than Spider-Man as he no longer holds back and is only concerned with himself.

The relationship between Ben Reilly and Peter Parker

Ben Reilly and Peter Parker are cloned brothers and initially had a close relationship. However, after Ben was manipulated and became the evil Spider-Man (Chasm), their relationship became strained and they were at odds with each other. Despite this, Peter still saw some good in Chasm and held back in their battles.

Ben Reilly's place in Spider-Man's rogues gallery

Ben Reilly is a significant part of Spider-Man's rogues gallery, being a clone of the hero and becoming the villain "Scarlet Spider." He has faced off against many of Spider-Man's enemies, including the Green Goblin and the Jackal, and has caused conflict for the hero in his attempts to reclaim his own identity.

Ben Reilly's costume over the years

Ben Reilly has gone through several costume changes throughout his comic book appearances. His first costume was similar to Peter Parker's original Spider-Man costume, with a blue and red color scheme. Over the years, his costume has evolved to include a scarlet red color and a hoodie to differentiate himself from Peter Parker. He has also been shown wearing a new armored suit in some comic books. Ben Reilly's costume continues to evolve as his character develops in the comics.

The evolution of Ben Reilly's powers and abilities

Ben Reilly, initially had powers and abilities similar to those of Spider-Man due to being a clone of him. However, over time, he has undergone several mutations that have changed his abilities, including being exposed to a quantum-shifting polymer which gave him an improved spider-sense that functions as a defence and a psionic ability. These changes have made him superior to Spider-Man in some aspects.

An analysis of the most iconic Ben Reilly storylines

Ben Reilly has appeared in several storylines throughout the Spider-Man comics, but a few are considered iconic by fans and comic book experts:

  • The Clone Saga - This storyline features the return of Ben Reilly as the original Spider-Man and focuses on the revelation that he is actually a clone created by the Jackal. This storyline sparked a major change in the Spider-Man franchise and resulted in a new direction for the character.
  • The Return of Scarlet Spider - In this storyline, Ben Reilly returns to New York City as the Scarlet Spider, creating confusion and tensions with Peter Parker as they both operate as Spider-Man.
  • The Death of Jean DeWolff - This storyline features Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider working with police captain Jean DeWolff to solve a string of murders. The story is considered one of the best detective stories in comic book history and showcases Ben Reilly's intelligence and detective skills.
  • Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider - This self-titled storyline follows Ben Reilly as he moves to Las Vegas and begins a new life as the Scarlet Spider, facing new foes and embracing a new identity.

Overall, Ben Reilly has been a significant part of the Spider-Man franchise and has played a vital role in the evolution of the character. His iconic storylines have helped define him as a character and solidified his place in the Spider-Man rogues gallery.

Ben Reilly, also known as the Scarlet Spider, has fought several villains in Marvel Comics, including: Jackal, the Green Goblin, Carrion, Kaine, the Queen and Venom. Ben Reilly was created as a clone of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and eventually took on the mantle of Spider-Man himself. Ben Reilly has been a popular character in the Spider-Man franchise, appearing in various comic book series, television shows, and video games. While his time as Spider-Man was relatively short, Ben Reilly has had a lasting impact on the franchise and remains an important character in the Spider-Man universe.

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