DC Comic Books Of The Month February 2023

Here are a few lines, which describes the various upcoming comic book issues from the DC Comics universe In February 2023. "Superman #1" features the Man of Steel and his new enemy, Supercorp, as Lex Luthor gives him a secret project. "Action Comics #1052" will highlight the fight between Steel and Metallo, as the Super-Family is looking at the dangerous Blue Earth movement. The "Lazarus Planet" series explores the effects of the Lazarus event on both heroes and villains, as humanity undergoes transformation. In "Static: Shadows of Dakota #1," Static returns to face a new threat, Ebon, in Dakota City. Last but not the least, the "Milestone 30th Anniversary Special #1" will be celebrating 30 years of the Dakota-verse with a bundle of different stories featuring Static along with Icon, Rocket, and other superhero characters.


Superman has returned to Metropolis with Lex Luthor finally in jail. Clark Kent is adjusting to his life as new and old enemies emerge to challenge the Man of Steel. However, Superman is supported by Supercorp, and it's unclear what secret project Lex has given him. The comic, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Jamal Campbell, tests the idea that a hero is only as good as their villains in this new oversized issue.


The once prosperous city of Metropolis has been destroyed, and the violent Blue Earth group is making life difficult for the entire Superman family. As the situation becomes more dangerous, the cyborg Metallo is deteriorating both mentally and physically, and he seeks out John Henry Irons for help. The two engage in a fierce battle as the next chapter of Action Comics unfolds.


The Lazarus event will have a profound impact on all sides of humanity, and heroes will always emerge as a result. This special edition will showcase the new powers of the future's freedom fighters, as well as the challenges they will face. Flatline seeks a secret from Talia al Ghul's headquarters, while Red Canary tries to restore order in a chaotic city. Dead Eye holds a haunting secret, and the fantastic debut of Vigil marks the beginning of a new legend.


The impact of the Lazarus storm will have far-reaching consequences, touching individuals from all walks of life, including those who are good, kind, and evil. This issue will examine the new villains that have emerged from the event and the heroes who will stop them from causing harm. It will also introduce new characters, such as Xanthe and Vigil, and delve into the challenges they will face in the fight against evil. The Doom Patrol will confront a new threat, a hero will harness the Still Force energy to defeat evil, and a clue about the future of Arkham Tower will spell disaster for Gotham City.


The conflict between Devil Nezha and his son is escalating and putting all of humanity at risk. The Lazarus storms have become more severe, putting Earth's superheroes in a precarious situation, and Batman's time is running out. To restore balance, a group of DCU's magic users including Zatanna, the Spectre, the Demon, Klarion, and Damian Wayne must come together and uncover Nezha's final secret. Meanwhile, Dreamer has saved Doctor Fate's helmet from destruction, but its strange glow raises questions. The conclusion of the Lazarus Planet saga marks the beginning of the DCU era.


Static returns to face a new, dangerous threat in Dakota City. The unknown and powerful Ebon is on a mission to find his brother, causing chaos and violence in his wake. Static and his friends may have stopped government operations in Dakota, but now they must deal with this latest challenge. Writers Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala are back to bring Static's world to life in new and unpredictable ways, with electrifying results.


Join in on the 30-year celebration of Dakotaverse characters like Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and others in this anthology filled with famous names. The book features exciting adventures like a reunion between Static and Batman Beyond from their days on the Static Shock animated show, Raquel Ervin's journey to take on the role of Icon, and a mind-bending story where the current Milestone characters encounter their 1993 counterparts. This special edition has something for every fan of the Milestone universe.


The conflict between two prominent figures of the Milestone Universe, Hardware and Icon, sets off a chain of events that threatens to unravel time itself. Hardware's desire to correct past wrongs, both in American history and in his own family, leads him to discover a suppressed time machine. Icon, who has lived through the last two centuries of American history, sees the dangerous consequences of Hardware's actions and will do whatever it takes to stop him. This marks the beginning of the "WORLDS COLLIDE" event, and serves as a starting point for those unfamiliar with the story of Dakota.


The 96-page comic book include stories your favorite Shazam characters, Zachary Levi writes for the Shazam comic book character, while Adam Brody along with Ross Butler, D.J. Cotrona, Grace Caroline Currey, and Faithe Herman provide their own unique takes on the Shazam family superheroes. The comic includes exciting adventures, such as battling zombies, making dinosaur friends, navigating a barbarian world without phone signals, exploring glitter land, and more. All of this fun and excitement is in celebration of the upcoming release of the feature film "Shazam! Fury of the Gods." Get ready for a superhuman family cookout!


The universe of Remnant invades the DCU as Grimm monsters wreak havoc in Gotham. Batman sets out to find the source of the invasion and discovers Team RWBY in his search. The appearance of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang has a profound impact on the DCU, leading to a grand adventure that spans every corner of the universe. Writer Marguerite Bennett teams up with Meghan Hetrick and Soo Lee for a thrilling RWBY story.


Alec Holland is brought back to life by John Constantine, much to the surprise of the Parliament of Trees. In exchange for a peaceful afterlife within the Green, Alec was supposed to stay out of their affairs. However, with lives on the line, Alec defies the agreement and decides to defend humanity. This decision carries a heavy consequence, as if Alec dies in his current body, he will be lost forever.


The reason for the Supergirl and Robin feud is finally uncovered! The encounter between the Boy Wonder and the Girl of Steel started well, but quickly became awkward and ended in a catastrophic disaster. The disastrous event is now considered a prime example of how not to team up within the Superman and Batman families.


A new chapter begins in ancient Egypt with Teth-Adam, Egypt's first champion of Shazam, facing a formidable opponent in the form of Ibac the Invincible. Teth-Adam must defend Egypt while concealing a dark secret. In the present day, Black Adam saves a jetliner from crashing, causing conflict in his home country of Kahndaq.


The aftermath of Atlas the Great's death has far-reaching effects as two former enemies team up to save the Multiverse. Lady Cop continues her investigation into the murder of Good Looks, seeking the accused killer, Starman. Unbeknownst to her, the wanted hero is headed to Los Angeles to make a deal with the devil. Will his actions be enough to correct the situation?


Helena's time-traveling journey continues as she gathers more information with each new time period. However, the question remains, has Degaton advanced too far in his plan to destroy the JSA and become unstoppable? Will this mark the end of the Justice Society?


Tied to the Lazarus Planet event, Monkey Prince, who is now at the Hall of Justice with Supergirl, must protect it from Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite needs to gain access to secrets about the Monkey King and Marcus's connection to the Monkey King. Will Monkey Prince compromise the safety of the heroes to uncover the truth about his identity?


Courtney and the unaccounted sidekicks aim to rescue their friends who are being held captive by the Childminder. With difficulty in devising a plan, Time Master Corky Baxter steps in to offer assistance. Meanwhile, Emiko discovers the hidden past of Judy Garrick, the missing daughter of Jay and Joan Garrick.


Superman is making efforts to improve the world before its end, which is imminent due to red skies. Despite the efforts of villains like Lex Luthor to gain power and control in the materialistic 80s, there is a bigger crisis looming that requires the assistance of Superman, who is considered as the only hope by many, despite being hated by some. The miniseries is reaching its climax and the finale promises to be an exciting one.

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