Marvel Comic Books Of The Month February 2023

Here are short summaries of various Marvel Comics coming out during February 2023. "Bloodline Daughter of Blade #1" is about a young girl discovering she is the daughter of the vampire hunter Blade. "Avengers: End Times Marvel Tales #1" features the Avengers teaming up with a former ally to venture into the Microverse. "Silver Surfer Ghost Light #1" is about a new family discovering a mystery in the town of Sweetwater and the Silver Surfer assisting them. "Avengers #8 Facsimile Edition" is a re-print of a classic Marvel comic where the Avengers team up with Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade to protect Earth from Kang the Conqueror. "Monica Rambeau: Photon #3" is about Monica Rambeau searching for answers and encountering a group in need of her help. "Invincible Iron Man #3" features Tony Stark clearing his name of a murder he is suspected of. "Wakanda Forever #1" is a special one-shot honoring Black History Month and featuring stories about Wakanda's heroes. "Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #9" and "Captain America Symbol of Truth #10" both feature Captain America battling challenges. "Savage Avengers #10" is about the Savage Avengers facing off against Ultron. "Moon Knight #20" features Moon Knight protecting his associates and crossing paths with Blade. "Thor #31" features Thor, Jane Foster, and Odin searching for who disturbed the final rest of Asgard's warriors. "Hulk #12" is about Bruce Banner confronting the evil within him. "Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3" is about Lunella trying to save her friend and others from mind control.


Despite what her teachers may say, Brielle Brooks is a virtuous youth - the manifestation of vampiric superpowers and the ensuing undead conflict is not her doing. To make matters worse, she not only faces challenges at school but is also about to discover that she is the offspring of the renowned vampire hunter and Daywalker, BLADE.


The Avengers reunite with a former comrade, who was once thought to be deceased, in the latest issue of MARVEL TALES. This anthology series showcases beloved characters and timeless tales. The team of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Giant-Man are summoned by an unknown ally to venture into the Microverse. But who summoned them? Have they fallen into a trap set by the dangerous Lord Gouzar? And who will save the rescuers? The Avengers reassemble.


A new family moves to the town of Sweetwater and uncovers a mystery that brings in the Silver Surfer to assist. The comic introduces a long-awaited Marvel superhero known as GHOST LIGHT.


Kang the Conqueror, a persistent enemy of the Avengers, comes from the future with the goal of becoming ruler of present-day Earth. The Avengers, along with Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade, must protect the present from Kang's advanced technology. This classic Marvel comic is being re-printed in its original form.


In "The Secret of Avenger Prime", the most important Avenger in the Multiverse is no longer alone as a group of heroes gather around him.


In "The Greatest Gathering of Avengers in the History of Ever," the mightiest heroes of the Multiverse gather to face a common enemy.


Monica Rambeau searches for answers to why the universe has gone wrong and encounters a group in need of her assistance.


Wanda Maximoff enters Viv Vision's dreams to find the cause of the android's nightmares and faces off against DREAMQUEEN. This issue includes a special back-up story celebrating Black History Month.

Invincible Iron Man #3

Tony Stark is suspected of killing a close friend, and it's up to him to clear his name and find the real murderer. This issue also features a new armor for War Machine.

Marvel's Voices Wakanda Forever #1

This special one-shot honors Black History Month and features stories from a variety of creators about Wakanda's iconic heroes, including Black Panther, Shuri, and Okoye. It also introduces the "Last Black Panther" in a story set in Wakanda's future.

Wakanda #5

Okoye delivers a message to the world that Wakanda is protected, and she will go to great lengths to defend her country. This issue also concludes the "History of the Black Panthers" series.

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #9

Captain America and his allies work to free Manhattan from A.I.M. control, but they face unexpected challenges from the Outer Circle.

Captain America Symbol of Truth #10

Captain America must save or stop Falcon, who has been affected by White Wolf's chemical attack. This emotional showdown tests the limits of their friendship.

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #4

Tala seeks help from the Green Scar to save her world, but the request uncovers deep issues within Bruce Banner and the Hulk.


Maria Hill's plan to handle the Skrull situation is about to unfold, but Tony Stark disagrees with her and decides to act on his own. As events come to a head, Iron Man is faced with a difficult decision that leads to a surprising conclusion.


Johnny Blaze and Talia Warroad have been ousted from the FBI and must now investigate a necropolis in Savannah. They may encounter both old friends and new enemies as the horror continues for the Ghost Rider, with Danny Ketch close behind.


Trapped in the future, the Savage Avengers face their greatest challenge yet as Ultron has acquired a time-traveling Doom gauntlet. In an epic battle, Marvel's deadliest heroes must save the world or face certain death.


Moon Knight must protect his former Shadow Cabinet associates as assassins target them one by one. Additionally, he'll cross paths with the Sheriff of the Vampire Nation, Blade, in a special story for Black History Month.

THOR #31

A thrilling new arc full of twists and revelations begins as Thor, Jane Foster, and Odin search for who disturbed the final rest of Asgard's warriors. This issue also includes a special story celebrating Black History Month, featuring Thor and Black Panther.

HULK #12

Bruce Banner's newfound happiness as a revered god is short-lived as the darker part of him, Titan, refuses to be contained. Bruce must confront this evil within before it destroys everything he holds dear.


Olivia's Sparkle Bots are spreading mind control throughout the Lower East Side, including Devil Dinosaur. Lunella must find a way to save her friend and the other kids before the Sparkle Bots get to her, as her lunar mind-swap with Devil Dinosaur approaches.

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