New Android Games For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2023

Android gaming has come a long way since its inception, offering users a wide range of options for their gaming needs. From fast-paced action games to relaxing puzzle games, the Google Play Store is home to a plethora of titles that cater to all tastes. With new games being released every day, it can be tough to keep up with the latest offerings. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most exciting new games that have recently hit the Android platform, guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Shadow Legends Sword Hunter

Shadow Legends Sword Hunter is a thrilling action-packed role-playing game set in a mythical world where Angels and Demons have been at war for over 1000 years. You will join forces with the Angels Guardian to defeat the forces of darkness and protect humanity from the Devil's clutches. The game starts with the Devil Drastral being freed from his artifact and monsters attacking the temple where he was sealed. You will play as one of the Angels Guardian and embark on an epic journey to defeat the enemy and save humanity.

What makes Shadow Legends Sword Hunter stand out as the best RPG game? With its captivating plot, continuously upgraded equipment and weapons, and the challenge of battling increasingly powerful monsters, this game offers an engaging experience that will keep you hooked. You will have the chance to collect many Guardians, upgrade your skills with daily challenges, and choose from various skill gifts after each victory. The game also features diverse battlefields with different terrains that require your observation and control. The graphics and sounds are also vivid, unique, and dramatic, providing an immersive gaming experience.

Dark Knight Idle RPG

The world of Earth is a desolate place, ruled by evil creatures and corrupt Lords. Once a thriving community, our village is now shrouded in darkness. In this bleak world, a brave knight has risen to become humanity's last hope. Armed with only his sword and unyielding spirit, the Dark Knight sets out to save mankind and restore the world to its former glory. Enjoy the game at your own pace, whether you prefer idle RPG or intense progression. The automated battle feature allows you to complete battles quickly, while the option to turn off auto-battle offers a more strategic and casual gameplay experience. Take on endless waves of enemies, upgrade your skills, and turn yourself into a berserker with powerful abilities. You can even earn rewards while AFK.

Satisfy your inner collector by summoning weapons and equipment to customize your character. The friendly gacha summoning system will keep you coming back for more, and there are tons of upgrades available to enhance your equipment and skills. Embark on an epic adventure through the dungeons, where you can test your strength against fearsome enemies and bosses. Immerse yourself in the beautifully rendered pixel art style, set in a grim medieval world. And don't forget to chat with fellow players in the Global Chat!

Mythic Path

Mythic Path is an epic fantasy MMORPG game that puts the player at the center of a thrilling adventure. As a soul chosen by the gods, you embark on a journey through multiple lands in order to defeat the Primal Foe. A Diverse Team of Heroes: Face the dangers of the abyss with an array of heroes, each with their own unique talents and skills. The blind prophet, the cursed fox spirit, and even a cunning demon from the abyss are all available to join your adventuring team. With a rich variety of equipment and a flexible skill slotting system, you can easily customize your team and tackle any challenge. Effortless Power-Up: Short on time but still want to level up and collect equipment? Mythic Path has you covered with its one-handed, vertical screen play option. You can have fun anywhere, anytime, even when you're AFK. Your heroes will continue to engage in auto battles, picking up all the loot as they go.

Adventure Awaits: Explore the vast game world and uncover its mysteries, making choices between good and evil, and collecting stunning artwork along the way. The randomly generated dungeons offer fresh experiences every time you play. Join the Global Community: Join players from all over the world on a shared global server. Explore the magical world with friends from diverse cultures and take part in guild tournaments for glory. As part of a dungeon team, follow your leader to easy victories and valuable treasures.

Ezetta Prophecy

Embark on a visually stunning journey in a fantasy RPG with real-time strategy elements. The world of Ezetta is threatened by dark forces that have entered through cracks in the sky, and it is up to you, the chosen hero guided by the Prophecy of Ezetta, to save it. Make quick, critical decisions during intense battles with real-time strategy. Every choice you make can change the outcome of the fight. The elements of nature are deeply interconnected and each affects the other. Master them and use their strengths and weaknesses to defeat even the strongest enemies.

Venture through the continent of Ezettam and fight against the various dark forces in a sprawling story campaign with detailed design. Elves, humans, and demons all reside in this world. Collect heroes from different factions and build the ultimate team to lead you on your legendary quest.

Each hero can master different elements of nature, and with the Talent system, you have the freedom to develop your heroes based on their unique characteristics. Don't forget to equip them with the strongest weapons to increase their attributes. Join a guild and work with other members to take on powerful demons and earn epic loot. Hope rises in times of disaster. Prepare for an epic adventure and fulfill the Ezetta Prophecy by becoming the hero the world needs.


Experience a heart-pumping, atmospheric adventure on your mobile device in this horror game. Unique puzzles and stunning graphics combined with seamless controls will make you feel like you are really in a world filled with danger. This game will provide an intense and challenging experience as you navigate through a world filled with danger and destruction. The smooth gameplay offers a high level of creativity, allowing you to come up with your own unique strategies for survival.

Isle of Arrows

Isle of Arrows combines the elements of a board game and tower defense for a unique gaming experience. With its randomly generated structure, each playthrough offers a different challenge with different tiles, enemies, rewards, and events. The game features various modes, guilds, modifiers, and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

In the game, players are given the opportunity to place a tile on the growing isle for free in each round, but they have the option to spend coins to skip to the next tile immediately. After setting up their defenses, they can call the next enemy wave and watch as their placed defenses are put to the test.

With over 50 different tiles to choose from, players must strategize and make smart choices to defend against invaders. Tiles include towers for attacking, roads for extending the enemy's path, flags for expanding the isle, gardens for earning coins, taverns for boosting adjacent archery towers, and more.

TMNT Shredder's Revenge

Get ready to battle it out with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and other iconic characters in this retro-inspired beat 'em up game. Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their quest to stop Krang and Shredder's evil plan. Fight your way through classic TMNT locations and defeat infamous enemies like Baxter Stockman or the Triceraton.

Choose from a roster of beloved characters, including Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, April, Master Splinter and Casey Jones, each with their own unique skills. Experience the thrill of classic gameplay with updated fighting mechanics. Immerse yourself in a new and exciting story mode. Relive the 80s with retro graphics, full-color pixel art, and an amazing soundtrack by Tee Lopes.

CRSED: Cuisine Royale

CRSED: Cuisine Royale is an intense online shooting game where players can choose from a variety of unique Champions, each with their own supernatural abilities, such as slowing down time or turning into a beast. Players must fight for survival on the most beautiful parts of the earth, either alone or with friends, as they strive to be the last man standing. In CRSED, firearms are a straightforward way to eliminate enemies, but magic is also a key component in gaining an advantage. Players can draw seals using their own blood, conduct ancient rituals, throw hex bags, and use their own exceptional powers to gain an edge in battle. Players must collect sinner souls by killing enemies in order to pay for magic in the game.

Brutal PvP battles: Players enter into battle in a beautifully detailed location, fighting their way to the center of the shrinking battlefield surrounded by the wall of the deadly Dark Zone. A growing collection of realistically modeled weapons, including XX century classics and modern guns, as well as combat armor. A wide range of demonic powers, such as healing allies, slowing down enemies, setting traps, summoning zombies, or teleporting enemies away from the battle. An array of different ground vehicles and boats to help players traverse the map.

Candy Disaster TD

Protect your delicious candies from invading forces by unlocking and deploying an arsenal of unique traps. Explore the Night Club, Storm Desert, and Snow Cemetery, and strive to collect all the achievements. Play as a mad scientist on a mission to help a mysterious friend gather M89KD Energy Candies. Face off against enemies from around the world who seek to steal your precious candies. Prove your wit and wisdom and defend your stash.

Experience charming 3D graphics and sound effects. The game is easy to play but difficult to collect all the candies. Have fun wiping out your enemies! Challenge yourself on three big maps with three difficulty modes, and demonstrate your mastery of trap combos. Join global players in the season event arena and see where you rank.

In conclusion, the Android gaming world is constantly evolving and improving, providing players with an ever-growing library of top-notch games to choose from. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, there's something for everyone on the Google Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? Get your devices ready and dive into the world of new Android games today. With so many options available, you're bound to find a game that you'll love. So go ahead and try something new, you never know what hidden gem you might discover!

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